Sunday, 2 August 2015

1000 Anime: An Introduction

Like many of my generation, I first saw an anime when the first Pokemon TV series started screening the morning before school in Britain. It was only at sixteen when I became an anime fan properly. Ten years later and it feels like I've barely scratched the surface in my love of this pop culture. So it made sense at the time, not realising how ill advised it would be, to watch and write small reviews for one thousand anime on a blog. Admittedly this was after watching the first series of High School DxD (2012), which makes the entire plan utterly suspect. It goes to show what strange and insane ideas brew in a mind when weakened and forced to submit to a  highly concentrated ecchi animation for too long.  But there's a justification that, not only does it mean reflecting on great anime like the late Satoshi Kon's films to obscurer TV series like The Tatami Galaxy (2010),  but also allows me to catch up on anime that I should've seen or am masochistic enough to endure.

Unlike my other blog Cinema of the Abstract (, this one is meant to be relaxed in tone and not to write two thousand pages long reviews. The premise for the blog is simple, no matter how regrettable it might've have been to start it two years later, as are the rules for myself:

  1. All anime - feature films, OVAs, shorts etc. qualify to be covered.
  2. Japanese co-productions also qualify. Non-Japanese works inspired by anime though won't unless it's a bonus post.
  3. I also count experimental animation and even stop motion/marionette films. "Anime", far from a patronising name, is a fitting one, snappy to say, to describe an entire country's form of animation and make it stand out from other countries'.
  4. Franchises will be split into one series/one film qualifying as one post. (I.e. One series of Naruto would be Anime #1 and so on). Obvious exceptions include The Garden of Sinners (2009-2011) were all the films qualify as one single story whilst the spin-off Future Gospel (2013) would qualify as its own post. 
  5. I will not discount any genre or type of anime from the blog. 
  6. After one hundred anime are covered, we'll see when we get to the one thousand and first for what to do next.
The most important thing is that the posts are not to be analytical or like reviews. Instead it's more important to ask what I like and what I don't. What the best is and what the worst is. Is there anything I just enjoy even in bad anime, be it a trope to characters having pink hair? Is it just juvenile to watch anime or is it a lot more complicated than that suggestion implies? Why the hell is The Humanoid (1986) so watchable but clearly terrible? Any more reasons would overcomplicate the fun in starting this blog and its best to leave the introduction to this post as it stands

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